A couple of weeks ago, I made a reel on Instagram, and after an hour, I got many comments on my reel, and many jewelry brands wanted me to promote them.
So my mom messaged them on my Instagram and decided to start with the jewelry brand Christian Chaubet, so we ordered three different things;
A heart necklace with a diamond heart, a ring with hearts you can make smaller, and a heart bracelet.
Weeks later, the jewelry arrived and was packaged in a small Christian Chaubet box.
When we opened the box, there was a thank you card on top, and when I saw the jewelry, I loved the necklace.
Two weeks later, we decided to go to the forest to do our photoshoot there for the jewelry brand Christian Chaubet, but before going, we did my hair, painted my nails, and put on makeup.
We found a spot to take photos when we arrived at the forest.
After taking photos, I wanted to make some reels for Instagram.
After that, we went home and rested.
The next day we decided to look at what photos would be for Instagram.
After picking eight photos, we edited them in Canva, posted them on Instagram, and tagged Christian Chaubet.
If you want to order jewelry from Christian Chaubet, check out what they have on their website, and message me on Instagram before ordering to get a discount code of %50 off.
My Instagram is @zoeyandzoeybear
I loved doing this and hope to do this again soon!