On November 26th, it was my birthday.
The last night that I was 10, we ate pizza and ice cream.
Then when it was November 26th, my dad woke me up with 11 candles cause I just turned 11.
And as for breakfast, I had a muffin.
Before I ate breakfast, I opened the presents. I got a rubrics cube, a top model hairbrush, and my fav the Mackenzie Turner plushie!
After breakfast, I had to get ready for school.
At school, they all said happy birthday, and I had cookies and lollypops for the class.
In the evening after school, I was walking home when I was home I had to do a covid test. I was a bit scared, but when I did it, I saw I was negative. I was very happy.
At 6 pm I had to go to my mom’s house.
When we arrived, I could open my presents, and I got a big painting with a beautiful unicorn on it. I also got a cooking book on how to make cake pops. I also got a book named Luna, which is the name of my sister, but I never saw her cause she passed away in my mom’s tummy, but I know my sister Luna is very kind, and she’s 12yrs old, so she is one year older than me.
And I got a donut maker, and we ate as dinner fries and chicken nuggets.

My birthday was super fun. I won’t forget.