On Friday February 16th we went to London by bus. During our trip to London, we had to get out the bus for the boat that was going from France to London. My mom directly fell asleep, this was boring as I needed my mom’s wifi while I couldnt sleep because of all the noise.

When we arrived in London, we went and got breakfast at Cafe Nero. After we ate we went to Victoria station to do our makeup to head to the Ashram for the day.

When we were done at the Ashram, we were headed to my moms friends house where we stayed at for 2 nights. In those 2 days I baked a vegan brownie with my mom’s friend and we went shopping.

After those two days we went to a hotel for 5 days. When we arrived in our room we got settled and rested a bit. On our way to the restaurant after the rest we decided to get out of the tube at Westminster to take some pictures. After taking pictures we headed to Soho to eat at a restaurant called Govinda’s. I love their lasagne.

In the next couple of days we headed shopping in Westfield. We saw some amazing shops like Sephora, Urban Outfitters, Build-A-Bear, Lululemon, and Charlotte Tilbury. One of my biggest dreams came true.

The other days we went to different places, I made loads of pictures and content, and I met friends of my mum and Zoey bear’s granny. 😉 I had my first cake-pop at Starbucks.

At the end of our trip we went back with the bus. But this time the bus didn’t drive into a boat, but a train.

We had a lovely stay in London and I hope to visit again soon!!