On May 10th, we went to see Tate McRae in Warsaw.

At 5 pm, I ate pizza at Alioli. After I finished eating, we headed to COS Torwar to see Tate McRae perform.

Around 6 pm, the doors opened to go inside. When we were inside, my mom and I immediately went to look at the merch. We bought one cropped shirt with Tates’s autograph and a think-later cap.

After purchasing some merch, we went to find our seats and waited for the concert to start.

Charlieonafriday opened for Tate McRae’s concert, and he did such an amazing performance!! I also loved how he interacted with the crowd. Before the show, someone gave him a teddy bear and named it Tommy.

Eventually, Tate came on stage, and the intro was incredible!!! Tate has a lot of talent in dancing and singing, and she showed it on stage. She switched to her alter ego, Tatiana.

Also, her backup dancers Stevie, Maycee, Amari, and Bernard have so much talent and did an amazing job!!

I enjoyed my first concert and hope to see Tate again soon!!