When we were in Krakow, we wanted to travel somewhere else, so we decided to look at the map. When I saw Romania on the map, my mom asked me if I could figure everything out: the trains to Romania, hotels/hostels.
After a while, I started planning the trip since it was a long trip, and we saw we had a twelve-hour stop in Budapest. My mom found a Thermal bath near the station where we could spend the day. When we arrived at the thermal bath, we would put on our bathing suits and go for a swim. Around 6 PM-7 PM, we left to get the train to Romania. The next day, around noon, we decided to have breakfast at a pizza restaurant. About three hours later, we were going to where our stay was. When we got there, my mom took a little nap, and I went in the shower and got ready to visit the Catenzino Castle/Nevermore Adacemy in Busteni. When we finished getting ready, we went walking to the Nevermore Academy. It was only a two-minute walk, so my mom could save some energy.
When we arrived and got an inside tour of the castle, some tour guide told us that the Wednesday cast and producers couldn’t film inside since the floor was over one hundred years old and their supplies were heavy it might break the floor. They also couldn’t shoot scenes in the woods because of the bears, so they mostly shot scenes outside the castle. They shot 10% of the series at the castle and 90% in the Buftea Studios in Bucharest, Romania, so we decided to go to Bucharest, but that will be for another story. We loved our stay in Busteni and might return there.