On a Sunday, we went to Eindhoven to see Keshava Swami. When we were ready to leave, we had to take the tram, train, and bus. When we arrived, we had to find where the gathering was.
We had to take off our shoes and sit on a pillow when we found the place. There was a lot of singing, and people were very kind. When Keshava Swami came, we started singing, and he answered questions.
He answered my question about being a Swami and having a phone to spread wisdom on Instagram. People loved the question I asked.
After we were finished, we went to talk with Keshava Swami. He said he loved my question. And I told him about my blog. When we were finished talking, we went to eat the food they served.
When we were eating, a woman threw food with her hands on our plate. We were really confused and didn’t know why she did that. It all went too fast to see who it was so we could ask.
After we ate, we decided to look around in the shops.
My mom told me many stories from when she was my age and that she visited the city center of Eindhoven a lot after school.
I even tried a breaded frikandel that my mom had when she was my age.
We had a great time at the place Keshava Swami visited and in Eindhoven.