Last Sunday I had to go to the theater because I had to dance on stage.
We had to get a lot of stuff on the list we needed.
It was hard to get a black top because they didn’t really fit.
We also needed to print some papers for the show, so we knew where we had to stand.

On Sunday morning, I first got on Roblox after I had to get dressed.
I had three layers on, underwear, black hotpants, and short jeans.
It was hard to get the jeans on cause the hotpants kept getting in the way.

After I packed drinks and food, that was enough for almost 5 hours.
We had to be there at 2:30 PM. So we had to get ready and be packed up. We went by bus. When we arrived, we had to wait at the lime flag.

We went into the theater; we had to sit where the public was going to sit, and it was a huge space with many seats.
We only performed the two dances we learned and watched the others.
Afterward, we had to go to the dressing room.

We had a little mix-up cause with the dresses. We got the show four costumes and needed the show five costumes. We had to wait for the correct dresses to come. After we dressed in our first costume, we had to wait before it was our turn.

When we had to go, my heart was beating. When I was on stage, it was super fun!
After we performed, we had to take a photo. After that, we needed to dress in our second costume. Then we had to wait again to go.
I was going to the mirror to look how I was. When I was there, I ran into the girl that lived next door 2 years ago. Then it was time to go on stage.

I was sad cause it was over, but I had a great time!