This year I celebrated my birthday twice. Saturday was my birthday party.

Before my birthday party started, I had to go to street dance.

While we were getting ready to go to street dance, I got lollipops to give at street dance.

After street dance, we had to get supplies for my birthday.

So we got chocolate cake, chocolate profiteroles and normal profiteroles, chips, peppernuts, and popcorn. For the drinks, we got chocolate milk, dubble fris, and fristi.

Before the guests came, we had to set the table, clean, and prepare the Among us tasks.

After that, the first guests arrived, my three nephews, and a couple of minutes later, my two friends came, and after waiting for another couple of minutes, my Auntie came with a big shopping bag with my gifts. When they were all here, we decided to open my gifts. From my Auntie, I got a huge unicorn stuffed animal and a chocolate fountain at my first party. My mom gave me a book named Luna and some clothes for Zoey Bear. From my three nephews, I got a gift card for the toy shop, a rainbow pen, and scrunchies. From my two friends, I got hachimels, scrunchies, etc. After we finished with my presents, we ate cake and started with Among Us in real life.

We made task cards to play with. If your card said crewmate, you had to do the tasks that it said on the card and find out who the imposter was. If you were an imposter, you had to sabotage the tasks the crewmates had and try killing the crewmates to win.

While we were playing, the imposter hid a ping pong ball from a task somewhere, and it’s still not found after almost two years.

The one who was the imposter really hid it well.

I had a great time at my birthday party!